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Presenting upscale Award-winning Regional Mexican

Cuisine from 6 Culinary regions of Mexico at

Mercado San Agustin in Tucson, AZ. 


We invite you into the Seis kitchen to experience the sights, sounds and smells of Mexico‚Äôs beloved street food at its finest- warm handmade tortillas, hot off the griddle quesasdillas, fire-roasted salsas or artisan tortas, Seis Style, inspired from "SEIS" culinary regions of Mexico!  

"You absolutely MUST make a special trip to Seis, not to just support local business, but more importantly to experience culinary magic and a marvelous meal."



Bienvenidos a Seis!


We pride ourselves in using local, fresh ingredients and preparing all items in-house and made to order


2016 Top TEN Tacos in Tucson | Arizona Daily Star

2016 "Best Bite" ALS Arizona chapter  

2016 Arizona Taco Festival | Placed 5th Best Overall 

 2015 BEST OF TUCSON Tortas! 3rd Place | The Tucson Weekly 

 2015 WINNER "Taco de Mayo" Instagram Challenge | Tucson Foodie

  2013 National Foodtruck Rookies of The Year Finalists 

2012 1st Place "BEST CHICKEN TACOS" Tucson Taco Festival

2012 3rd Place "BEST PORK TACOS" Tucson Taco Festival 


As featured on The Food Network & The Food Lovers' Guide to Tucson









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