Your guests will have their choice of three (3) Tacos served on fresh corn tortillas. Each taco is topped with fresh chopped

red onion, cilantro, queso fresco and chipotle crema...Seis-Style! Served with a side of beans & salsa.

Chips & salsa available for your guests. Includes your customized menu below, paper goods, napkins and plasticware. 


Choose up to three (3) options below: 


Cochinita Pibil- Achiote roasted pork

Al Pastor- Chile marinated grilled pork with sweet grilled pineapple

Birria- Tender beef simmered in a red chile broth

Adobo Steak- Red chile marinated choice grilled steak

Poc ChucCitrus & achiote marinated grilled chicken

Carnitas (when available)- Savory, slow-cooked Pork  

Calabacitas- al dente Yellow squash and Zucchini sauteed in mojo de ajo roasted garlic olive oil 




​*$1000 for up to 50 guests. 

*$1150 up to 60 guests. 

*$1300 up to 70 guests. 

*$1450 up to 80 guests. 

*$1600 up to 90 guests.

*$1750 up to 100 guests. 


(For over 100 guests, please contact us)  


*$2 each for Beverages: Fanta Orange, Mexican Coke, Bottled Water


*Additional Charges: sales tax, 15% service charge & travel surcharge (if applicable) 


*Truck Clearance: Please make sure your area can support the Seis Curbside Kitchen

11'height X 10'width X 25' length  


*Deposit & Cancellation Policy: 20% deposit is required at initial booking. If canceled 30 days or more prior to event, full deposit will be refunded. If canceled thereafter, the full deposit will be retained by Seis. 






Seis Food Truck Catering  Menu

Content Copyright by Seis Curbside Kitchen 2011.

Regional Mexican Cuisine Restaurant. Food truck. Caterer  

Presenting upscale Award-winning Regional Mexican Cuisine from 6 Culinary regions of Mexico

at Mercado San Agustin in Tucson, AZ. 


We invite you into the Seis kitchen to experience the sights, sounds and smells of Mexico’s

beloved street food at its finest- warm handmade tortillas, hot off the griddle quesasdillas,

fire- roasted salsas or artisan tortas, Seis Style, inspired from "SEIS" culinary regions of Mexico! 


Restaurant.  Food Truck.  Caterer.