Seis is "Green"

— In conjunction with the Seafood program and partnership with Seafood Watch and Santa Monica Seafood, we use only sustainably-sourced, fresh Fish and seafood, all of which is filleted in-house!

— Sourcing only local Arizona-grown beef.

— We have partnered with Redbird Farms offering only cage-free, naturally raised, antibiotic-free Poultry!

— Seis utilizes only biodegradable and/or recyclable to-go and catering packaging.

— Local Supporters! We have been sourcing local Arizona Olive Oil from Queen Creek Olive Mill- a family run business, Freshly roasted coffee beans from Presta Coffee, amongst supporting other Tucson-based businesses and community outreach programs.

— We most recently made the switch to biodegradable straws to aid in maintaining our planet's natural ecosystems. With the rising concern of the chemical and oil-based plastics that overwhelm our rivers and oceans, Seis Kitchen believes these straws are one extra step towards creating a sustainable environment.

— Educating our youth and beyond! Seis chefs, owners and staff have participated in food-sourcing, food safety and food education programs with local schools, youth programs and events with AZ Game and Fish.