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Adurazo88 1 day ago

Market Fresh Seafood

All the food at seis is delicious but the fish tacos are my favorite. The fish always taste so fresh and the corn tortillas are delicious.

Katietmarie 3 days ago

Crispy Avocado

I have lived in Tucson for 7 years, tried many restaurants including upscale dining, but Seis has the best food hands down and is my go to. I love their breakfast burritos and crispy avo tacos!

Lizz 4 days ago

Ensalada Mixto

This steak salad is incredible! The generous portion of steak and avocado are so satisfying I don't even miss the empty carbs or delicious rice :)

Justingaudier 4 days ago

Poc Chuc Chicken

We had an assortment of tacos with chips and guacamole for a work event. All were amazing--marinated well, flavors very balanced with the sweet, spicy marinades and the cheeses. The poc chuc chicken tacos were my favorite. So juicy and tasty, and not as spicy as some of the others (I'm a wimp with spice), with the marinade dripping through the bottom to be soaked up by my rice and chips. Perfection.

Chellylove312 7 days ago

Avo Burrito

Simple yet delicious burrito always fulfilling.

Goofballs56 8 days ago

Al Pastor

The Al pastor is the best in Tucson. So moist and flavorful.So many chili spices and pineapple. A must have when dinning area.

Eclabough 10 days ago

Chorizo Burrito

One of the best chorizo's in town. Then wash it down with their horchata, the only one in town I'll drink!

Kameronm7 10 days ago

Surf and Turf Burrito

Quite possibly the best burrito I have ever had. 13/10

Bsfpogue 13 days ago

Chicken Tinga Taco

The Chicken Tinga Tacos are my favorite! I have to have them at least once a week. They're spicy but not too spicy. Highly recommend!

Benwinslow 15 days ago

Adobo Steak

If you go here, do yourself a favor and get one of the amazing drinks (fruit drink or horchata) and pair it with a couple tacos. The fish tacos are my personal favorite.

Ericdlr11 16 days ago

Cochinita Pibil

The best torta you'll ever have! Do yourself a favor and try this delight. 5 Stars!!

Caylarbrts 22 days ago

Chicken Taquitos

These taquitos are the best in all of Tucson and that is coming from a true taquito and taco connoisseur. I go back every time to this item on the menu because I always get the same great tasting bite. It is definitely THE best item on the menu. To top it off it always taste great with a Aqua Fresca or some refreshing horchata!

Hogan 24 days ago

El Jefe Burrito

Seis is our family's favorite breakfast spot in Tucson. The food is outstanding in taste, quality, and quantity. The atmosphere here can be busy, but it's a great place to kick back and relax.

Dorothytung2000 26 days ago

Bacon Tacos

Nothing can beat these exceptionally savory and unique tacos! Out of all the brunch places I've tried, Seis Kitchen easily scores the highest.

Korinaarenas24 28 days ago


My go to for lunch! Working across the way is awesome, my taquito craving is always satisfied. Highly recommend the taquitos and all the other items on the menu. LOVE IT!!

Dvcenteno 30 days ago

NEW! Chilaquiles Tradicional

I often have the chilaquiles on lazy Sundays! Absolutely amazing and full of flavor. They have a little kick to them which is just perfect! Highly recommend!

Tspkmmba about 1 month ago

NEW! Chilaquiles Tradicional

it's love at first bite 😍. Seis kitchen never disappoints wether it's the breakfast menu or lunch/ dinner menu. There is always that taste of homemade with lots of love. Ive pretty much tried everything except the fish because of food allergies but. it's always delicious and satisfying. not to mention the aguas frescas on hot summer day in Tucson keeps you cool. It's our little slice of heaven here at the old Pueblo. I highly recommend it you won't be disappointed.

Jpjaeger21 about 1 month ago

Adobo Steak Taco

I'm addicted to Seis! I've had their Adobo Steak Tacos, Grilled Shrimp Tacos, and the Fish Tacos. They're all SO good. Their horchata is the best I've ever had, along with their chicharrones! I come here as often as I can. :-)

Jbalderman about 1 month ago

Chicken Tinga

Puerco Verde and chicken tinga tacos are heavenly. I've eaten far too many and will be back again for more!

Afisher778 about 1 month ago

Cochinita Pibil

Excellent food, service and location. They have my favorite cochinito pibil in town, which always pairs nicely with their agua fresca!

Alle 2 days ago

Adobo Steak Taco

Everything here is absolutely scrumptious!!!!! BUT...the pumpkin horchata OH.MY.GAWD!!! Soooooo good! You have got to try! Every taco, every side, every beverage, the chips, the salsa, the guac!!!! You will love every bit, every smell, and every sip!!!!

Lizz 4 days ago


Best snack. Hands down

Davisp08 4 days ago

Bacon Tacos

I love Seis!! I crave their bacon Tacos! They are delicious! That's just one of my favorites! Everyone there is always so helpful and sweet! One of my favorite restaurants in town

Alex 5 days ago

Poc Chuc Street Taco

amazing! so delicious, and just the right amount of spicy to help the margarita with the party in my mouth 😍. I drive across town from Vail just to eat here. Love it!

Chloewalczak 7 days ago

Ensalada Mixto

I love that Seis offers a delicious and nutritious salad. This salad with the poc Chuc makes for an awesome, healthy meal choice packed with flavor and so many yummy veggies!

Nyenriquez917 9 days ago

Birria Taco

Everything my family orders from Seis Kitchen is wonderfully prepared. The Barbacoa tacos are my personal favorite. I order a side of rice and calabacitas. Everything is so fresh and my tortillas hot off the grill. Five stars for fabulous staff & their service!

Taylormensing 10 days ago

Ensalada Mixto

If I was dying I would choose this as my last meal. Make sure to get the horchata it has changed my life for the better. The salad is fresh, bright, and always perfect. I only wish there was a location closer to my house i would go daily.

Mbturpie 12 days ago

Nachos Cochinita Pibil

So yummy and full of flavor. And the perfect size!

Joseamanda 13 days ago

Crispy Fish

Best fish tacos ever!!!!

Cgraydon 16 days ago

Bacon Tacos

I really love their breakfast tacos! So delicious and fresh!

Jonannetrust 22 days ago

Al Pastor Taco

Tried this place based on the positive Yelp reviews, and it was a total hit! My friends and I loved our meals and drinks. I ordered the 3 taco platter and was able to mix and match different tacos. All of them were amazing, especially the al pastor. The rice and beans were perfectly seasoned, and my vegetarian friends loved the fried avocado tacos and veggie nachos. I ordered the Seis-chata, and it was the perfect blend of cinnamon, rum and horchata-y goodness. Can't wait to go back and try the breakfast burritos also!

Kimberlilandry 23 days ago

Cheese & Chiles Quesadilla

All I can say, is I wish I lived in Tucson, I'd want to eat here on a daily basis! Searched Yelp, rave reviews & thankful we came here for a quick bite prior to my pre-op appt. Quesadillas are not typically my favorite but this was not typical in the least & SO good!! Had the guacamole, chips & a house margarita. Guac was fresh & delicious. Very generous portions as well. The house marg was no typical house margarita. Of the hook!!! One of the best I have ever had! I'm so excited to go there Oct 8th, when I'm back in Tucson. If a Seis could open in Phoenix/Scottsdale, I would be over joyed!

Enriquehankfeldman 25 days ago

NEW! Chilaquiles Tradicional

Wow! Authentic! A beautiful balance of savory and slightly tart in the tomatillo sauce and the egg yolks running into it all.... and the vibe at this location is legendary

Alexisane16 27 days ago

Chicken Taquitos

The chicken taquitos were AH-mazing! Crunchy and so satisfyingly good. The chicken has such great flavor and the creaminess of the Seis sauce and guacamole on top is just divine! I topped it off with the horchata and it was just the best lunch I've had in awhile. Seis is my new fave spot for anytime!

Tjulie037 28 days ago

Adobo Steak

It was my first time at Seis Kitchen. When we arrived, there was a long time so I figured this place has to be really good! The line went by fast and their menu was very detail-oriented. I ordered the adobo steak tacos and chipotle chicken taco with a large horchata drink. The staff was very friendly, fast-pace and good at asking if I wanted my food to go or here, and asked if I wanted my drink to go or in a glass. I chose both to go in case I didn't finish my tacos, I had a box to go. We waited about 10 minutes for our food which was faster than expected. When the food came out, it looked well prepared and delicious! The tacos melted in my mouth and definitely was worth my wild. It cured my taco craving and want me coming back for more. The horchata drink was freshly made and heaven on early. Overall, amazing. No words could describe how amazing this place is! 5/5 stars!

Rickperon33 about 1 month ago

Plato Mixto

Perfect mix :-)..... absolutely incredible, along with everything else they make! Weekly & loyal visitors.... never tire of this place!

Janethc09 about 1 month ago

Al Pastor

Love the al pastor taco platter!

Ncanin22 about 1 month ago

Puerco Verde Burrito

Ohhh, heaven! SEIS, your green Chile pork has the best burst of succulent flavor, I can't seem to order anything else. The pork is tender and juicy with just the right amount of heat. I come in at least once a week drooling for a puerco verde burrito with smashed beans inside. It's so big I have the other half to bring home and reheat for another nirvana meal. This is my "go-to" but there are so many delicious choices at SEIS!

Ajm0516 about 1 month ago

Ensalada Mixto

Seis is my favorite spot for a quick bite in my neighborhood. It's where I take clients and visitors, as well. Their tacos are some of the best in town. I just got turned on to their gigantic salads - super fresh and delicious!

Otter626 about 1 month ago

Nachos Grande

You can never go wrong with these guys. They are my go to because I love love them and they never disappoint. Make sure you get them with the homemade jalapeños too!


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